Mass Times

Sunday Masses:

Sat   7pm -   St. Mary's
9:15am-    St. Joseph's
10:30am-     St. Mary's
5:30pm-      St. Mary's



St Joseph's
After 10am Mass

St. Mary's
6pm to 6:45pm


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Notes for Readers

You are revealing God to your hearers and leading them in prayer.
  • Let each action/prayer/reading be completed before moving forward to read.
  • Introduce readings and response with as few words as possible – ‘A reading from…’ not ‘The Second Reading is a reading from the First Letter etc…’
  • Pause before ‘The Word of the Lord’.
  • If the congregation is struggle with the response to the Psalm help them out!
  • If the Gospel Acclamation (Alleluia etc) is being sung but you are reading the verse, move after you have read your verse. The Acclamation is designed to accompany the movement of ministers.
  • The Prayer of the People (Bidding Prayers) are prayer intentions – time should be allowed for people to pray for them – so pause before ‘Lord hear us/Lord in your mercy..’
  • Always check Bidding Prayers carefully before mass. They may contains errors! Or their meaning, or phrasing may not be obvious on first reading.